Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring has come.

I've been lax lately. Spring has come to Colorado and its been hard to sit down the blog.

Zaius nation gave a nice link to two of my blogs. If you haven't checked him out, he's got a great site ranging from politics to pop culture.

The main subject of this site, is the human capability for denial. It amazes me how vehemently perfectly intelligent and educated people deny Global warming. Its not like they have a problem with evolution or smoking links to cancer. Still they cling desperately to any thread that supports the way they want the world to be. Its as if the pro-smoking crowd said there is no cancer. And the tactics are the same, go after the messenger, not the message. At this point we should be having a discussion about what we're willing to do, not whether or not its happening.


At 7:35 PM, Blogger Rose said...

What amazes me is how vehemently perfectly intelligent and educated people embrace the idea that mankind has any effect whatsoever on Global warming or cooling, for that matter.

We should be focusing on controlling pollution, on recycling, on fuel efficiency for all the good and true reasons we once did. Nothing wrong with walking lightly on the earth.

Why do we need this new punitive and draconian fearmongering to do that?

The way I see it, the people you are talking about are an important part of a discussion that is worth having, without dogmatic belief at all costs responses.


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